Gaithersburg Interventionist

Gaithersburg Interventionist


A family is a strong and enduring group but even the bonds of family can be severely tested by the actions of an addicted member. Tempers are frayed and patience is exhausted as siblings and parents plead with a loved one to stop binge drinking or experimenting with illicit drugs. The family member won’t listen, turning their back on the rest of the family or exploding in anger, in defensive rage, as they demand to be left alone. The truth is the cravings have already taken over, brain chemistry has altered to such a degree that the family member is hooked on the substance. The future is bleak and dangerous without some kind of aid in shocking the loved one into seeing the dark path to addiction that’s been taken. In the state of Maryland, that help comes from a Gaithersburg Interventionist, a trained counselor cognizant of all the stages of addiction. This experienced individual, with knowledge often hard-earned from personal exposure to substance dependence, brings the discipline and organization needed to mentor the family group and deliver the loved one to a treatment center where the long but effective recovery process can begin.

Hosting the Intervention with Care

Every intervention is different because every addict will react differently to being confronted by family and friends. The situation is inherently unpredictable but the Gaithersburg Interventionist designs a strategy to counter this chaotic behavior. The power of the family unifies in one purpose, meeting this chaos with calmly stated messages of love. The erratic mind of the loved one is stilled by hearing statistics on addictions. Emotional outrage is relaxed by the reasoned rationale of caring words designed to direct the loved one to take the path to professional treatment.

Penetrating the stubborn denials of an addict is a tough task but the family momentum comes from seeing troubling statistics on local substance dependency and the battle law enforcement agencies face against illicit substances ( Maryland has a high figure of 807 drug-related deaths, and loving family members are determined to not let their loved ones become another part of these statistics.

Accountability and self-recognition of dependence are key in turning an addicted family member from abuse to recovery. Ensure they get to treatment as soon as possible, and take steps to make them aware they must stick to the recovery program.

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