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Drug Intervention in Maryland

addiction-marylandThere may be very few things that are more frustrating and hurtful than watching a loved one fall victim to drug addiction. For many drug use begins as a casual pastime and quickly escalates to a need that must be met regardless of the consequences. These consequences often include a loss of trust between the user and his friends and family members. Employment or grades also suffer and many times a loved one may end up incarcerated on drug related charges.

According to a report at healthyamericans.org, Maryland ranks 32nd in the nation for drug overdoses resulting in a fatality. Many of these overdoses can be traced back to prescription drug abuse, a problem which has continued to increase year by year. However, opiate and marijuana drug use continue to be an issue, as well.

If you have a friend or family member who is struggling with addiction and all of your previous efforts to encourage treatment have been met with resistance, a drug intervention in Maryland may be the answer. An intervention specialist will work with you in many different ways. First, you will be heard. By listening, the interventionist will be able to suggest the right model of intervention for your individual situation.

The intervention itself will unfold over several days and the intervention specialist will make certain that you have all of the information you need before, during, and after the intervention. You will gain the empowerment you need to speak to your loved one honestly. While the intervention may result in many wide ranging emotions, ultimately we want to help you in encouraging your loved one tear down the walls of resistance and realize that treatment and recovery are his best chances for a better life.

We’re Here For You

We know how overwhelming life with an addicted person can be. We want you to understand from reading the information within our website regarding drug intervention in Maryland that you do not have to go any further alone in the battle. We are here for your questions and concerns and ready to help you move forward with the intervention process when you’re ready. Working together we can help your loved one achieve the strength, courage, and determination it takes to recognize treatment is needed.

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